Pet Life Neo-Breeze Flexible Terry Neoprene Ice Pack Insert Able And Adjustable Cooling Dog Neck Wrap

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Product Overview


Keeps your dog cool during the heat

Comes with a flexible ice gel insert

Inner lined with soft terry cloth which comfortably wraps around the neck to prevent any freezer burn

Outer lined with think neoprene flexible insulation keeping the neck cooler for a pro-longed period

Helps to prevent heat stroke or other heat related problems by keeping the body cooler


The Pet Life 'Neo-Breeze' flexible French terry iced neck wrap is inner lined with ultra-soft French terry cloth that gently hugs the neck area. The exterior shell is composed of flexible neoprene which helps retain neck heat. The gel packs simply insert into the neck cooler and then place the neck wrap in the freezer or fridge and that's it! cool to your desired temperature level and place around the neck. The Neo-breeze is the perfect solution for dogs wanting to keep cool during the hotter weather climates. Heat is known to escape from the neck area, by cooling the neck extremity your dog's body begins to automatically cool down. The neck circumference is adjustable to fit all neck sizes, for very small dogs it is recommended to fasten around the waste area. The summer-cooling dog neck wrap helps prevent heat stroke or heat related complications while regulating proper body temperature when needed. No instructions required and works in a breeze!

Sizing Guide: Size Dimensions LxWxH (In Inches): 32 x 1.9 x .5


(No reviews yet) Write a Review